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Phases Of Care


Initial Intensive Care:

The first phase of care is referred to as relief or acute care.  It is designed to provide relief of major symptoms (usually pain) and stabilize the condition in the shortest amount of time.  During this phase of care, treatment frequency is usually high and repeated visits are required to reduce or elimate symptoms.  

Rehabilitative Care:

The objective of the second phase of your treatment program is to correct any underlying spinal dysfunction as well as strengthen supporting musculature, retrain movement paterns, and facilitate complete healing of injured tissues.  Visits occur less frequently during this phase of care and a rehabilitative exercise program is intorduced to prevent relapse.  

Wellness Care:  

This phase of care is designed to maintain optimal health and joint function and prevent the return of your original condition.  Preventative care saves time and money by helping you stay healthy and by catching small problems before they become serious.  Many people schedule wellness visits to:

1. Maintain the good health they have achieved thought chiropractic

2. Enhance athletic performance, and/or

3. Minimize Injury

Remember - each patient responds to treatment differently and some patients will require more intensive care than others.  Factors that generally prolong treatment time include: 

Not seeking care quickly enough

Severe pain

Recurrence of multiple episodes of the condition

Skeletal anomaly

Structural pathology

Additional factors such as poor compliance, biomechanical stress or re-injury may also result in a prolonged treatment time.  

We will provide you with accurate and ongoing information regarding the state of your condition, goals, and recommended treatment plan, but the degree to which you utilize chiropractic is ultimately up to you.  


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